I want to thank everyone for their support and WELCOME to the new BLOG page !

My name is Chris.B. and I am the Manager. A more detailed profile to come in later posts.

I want to start this BLOG with a discussion on the history, structure, projects and considerations so that PAs, physicians and the public can stay informed and involved.

MSoPA history:

  • MSoPA was started in October 2020.
  • A passion project out of frustration secondary to the impending pandemic lockdowns and healthcare collapse in Manitoba.
  • It started with a private social media Facebook group for PAs and grew from there.
  • I focus on providing a private social and professional environment for PAs, educational opportunities for PAs and I help to support PA advocacy initiatives and educate physicians and the public on the role of the PA in Manitobas healthcare system.
  • The goal is to fill the gaps between other professional organizations like CAPA, PCAM and CPSM (After all, thats what PAs do)

Organizations structure

  • A registered business in Manitoba as SP.
  • The goal is incorporation.
    • This will ensure a strong organization through transparency, accountability and representation.
  • Major barriers:
    • The major barrier to incorporating to a legal not-for-profit is the expense.
    • MSoPA doesn’t generate sufficient revenue, we have no membership or registration fees
      • the start-up costs have been large.
    • We have costs that include: website, accounting, technology, equipment, facility rentals, wages and so on just like any other organization or business.
    • Plan for a legal not-for-profit with a share structure available to Manitoba PAs.
      • Not sure exactly what that means but until then, we maintain the status quo.

MSoPA projects:

  1. MSoPA Facebook Group: facilitates professional and social interaction. It is important to stay connected and have an avenue to interact online that is safe
  2. MSoPA Facebook Page: supports and promotes PAs with the public
  3. MSoPA Website: promotes PAs, education and serves as a contact point for Physicians, the community and other PAs in Manitoba and Canada (Cost $700/yr)
    1. available educational opportunities and CME
    2. New BLOG page
  4. MSoPA Instagram
  5. MSoPA Twitter
  6. Community Heart Health program (Cost $10,000)
  7. Working groups
  8. I have helped 2 physician groups develop and successfully hire a PA into private practice
  9. I have assisted 2 physician groups develop a Contract of Service and Practice description for their incoming PA or CL.A
  10. I have developed the Interdisciplinary Targeted Learning (ITL) Sessions in collaboration with the Victoria Hospital in Winnipeg (Cost $300)
    1. Dizzyness
    2. PE
    3. AirMedical Transport
  11. Low Fidelity Simulation for PAs
    1. Asthma management
    2. Cardiac arrest management
    3. Toxidrome management
  1. MSoPA News & Views newsletter including:
    1. Manitoba updates
    2. CME opportunities
    3. The Honour Roll featuring amazing Manitoba PAs
    4. Community Heart Health updates
  2. Social media posts advocating for PAs
  3. Targeted – PAID – PA advocacy campaigns directed at institutions, politicians, healthcare workers and businesses.
The Managers other responsibilities over the lst 2 years:

  1. Surviving the Pandemic
  2. Full-time clinical PA in the Urgent Care
  3. Academic duties:
    1. Preceptor to 12 students
    2. annual PoCUS for PA students workshop for year 1
    3. annual Peripheral IV procedure day
    4. annual common office procedures procedure day
  4. Supporting/building the OHS PA/CL.A Program at the U of M [more to come in later BLOG post]
    1. Clinical Services
    2. Program development
    3. Recruitment
    4. Administration
  5. Elected Associate Member to the College of Physician Assistants of Manitoba
    1. General Council member
    2. Central Standards Committee
    3. Episodic, walk-in and home visit working group
    4. Prescribing Quality Review working group
  6. Represented PAs at the 2022 Northern Summit
  7. Presented at CAPA 2021 Virtual Conference
  8. Trying to be a good first time dad to a newborn & not toddler (my daughter was born during the Pandemic, June 2020)

Other considerations:

  • In 2020-2022 I estimate around 2500 volunteer hours and $12,500 in start-up costs.
  • 95% of the services and activities are free to PAs, physicians and the public
    • The only costs are fees for BLS
    • These are heavily subsidized to increase access & affordibility
    • There are some fees for consulting if it is excessive and overly time consuming
  • I make every effort to give more to the community than I take
  • My funding model is limited to the occasional advertisement on the website
    • MSoPA if funded 100% by me, personally and through corporate sponsorships (CCPA Consulting Inc.)

Here is what I ask of Manitoba PAs, physicians & the community:

  1. Participate, socialize, interct and discuss PAs online
  2. Participate in mentorship for PA students
  3. Participate in edcational activities
  4. Participate in PA focused initiatives
  5. Complete surveys when they are sent out
    1. Learning needs survey
    2. Membership survey
  6. If you need BLS
    1. Take it with us
    2. We have amazing Heart & Stroke BLS Instructors
  7. Tell your colleagues & friends about our BLS program & our organization
  8. Advocate for Manitoba PAs and for positive change in the healthcare system
  9. Participate and contribute to CAPA initiatives
  10. Participate and contribute to CPSM initiatives
  11. Stay informed
  12. Ask questions (info@msofpa.ca)

Future Considerations for 2023 and beyond:

  1. The current MSoPA social media projects will continue
  2. PA advertisemnets to increase awareness
  3. Expand the Community Heart Health program through our grant process
  4. Host a spring fundraiser to support cardiovascular health by donating proceeds to St. Boniface Cardiac Sciences program
  5. Support National PA Day if asked
  6. Continue to collaborate with CAPA, PCAM, CPSM and other interested stakeholders if asked
  7. Continue to assist physicians in developing and hiring PAs to their private practice and engage with the RHAs to support PA programs in any way possible
  8. Continue to support new grads with mentorship opportunities and help navigate the complexities of the Manitoba healthcare system
  9. Continue to develop free and accessible CME by continuing with the ITL and Low Fidelity Simulation for PAs
  10. We hope to engage more with PAs, physicians and the public (in person or virtual)

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I hope that you will continue to support

Much thanks,