Basic Life Support (BLS)

The Manitoba Society of Physician Assistants offers Heart & Stroke [Canada] approved Basic Life Support (BLS) training for all levels. Our specialty is healthcare provider. We are offering courses on a regular basis to the public. BLS courses can be organized for your business. Please email for more details.

Community Heart Health Program

BLS Training Program
The Manitoba Society of Physician Assistants is a not-for-profit education & advocacy organization that developed the Community Heart Health Program to provide the public and healthcare workers with an affordable, flexible and adaptable program that meets and exceeds the requirements of your personal or professional education requirements. The goal of this program is to provide a cost effective, efficient, adaptable and accessible Heart & Stroke accredited Basic Life Support (BLS) Training program.

BLS Instructor Training & Mentorship Program
In addition to the BLS training program, the Manitoba Society of Physician Assistants also provides a grant program that provides funding to cover the expenses of the Heart & Stroke BLS Instructor Training course, monitoring requirements and includes 10 hours of voluntary internship to solidify learning and proficiency in running and managing a program.

The successful candidate can teach BLS for MSoPA and learn about opportunities in our not-for-profit model and the professional advocacy initiatives. This is not a requirement, however.

Everyone is encouraged to organize, teach and certify their colleagues, departments, hospitals or facilities.

Success Stories
CCPA Kali Braun has successfully completed her training and is 6 hours into her internship. She independently taught our November 6th BLS course in Winning. Well done. Check her out her Instagram @_kali_pa

CCPA Todd Bryden from HSC Urology has also completed his Heart & Stroke BLS Instructor Training and will be scheduled for his monitor session with our training partner OptiCare Inc.

A Special Note:
By using MSoPA for your BLS needs, you are supporting Manitoba PA Education & Advocacy initiatives that will help grow and support the profession and open new opportunities in CME, education and non-clinical roles. You will also be supporting your colleagues.

The Manitoba Society of Physician Assistants is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in education and advocacy initiatives for Manitoba Physician Assistants

Much thanks,
Your MSoPA Team